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Welcome to the Renewal of Catholic Education

Catholic Education Is in Crisis—and Renewal

More than 100 Catholic schools close every year due to low enrollment. Today, 1.6 million students attend fewer than 6,000 Catholic schools. That’s a 70% decline in enrollment since the peak of Catholic education in 1965. But dozens—possibly hundreds at this point—of Catholic schools have full enrollment. Many have waitlists of students eager to attend. They have learned how to not only survive in the 21st century—but to thrive. This website documents what thriving schools are doing differently to cultivate strong communities of students, families, and educators.

Join the renewal:

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Watch The Catholic Education Show. This is a video podcast featuring conversations with thought leaders and educators, exploring topics relating to truth, culture, and all things Catholic education. Look for new content every week here at Catholic School Playbook and on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Read our blog. This is a collection of articles that go deeper into the topics covered in the Playbook, often featuring guest writers..

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