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February 3, 2022

Transforming Catholic Schools by David G Bonagura, Jr. at The Catholic Thing. "If we wish to see Catholicism flourish in the future, then our schools have to be our number one investment priority. With the collapse of religious sensibilities in America and in the Church herself, the children in these schools are our best hope of reversing the 'greying' of the Catholic faithful." Read

Reclaiming Catholic Education with Elisabeth Sullivan and Dr. Andrew Seeley on Anchored by Classic Learning Test. "We want young people to see themselves in the story of salvation history in the great drama of every human life born into a particular place and time. That feels different and you can't do it on a secular curriculum." Watch Listen   


Catholic Education in a Post-Truth World with Kimberly Begg on Anchored by Classic Learning Test. "A child in his natural state is curious. . . yet if you ask most kids if they like school, they'll say 'no.'" Watch  Listen


Catholic School Rescued at Historic Pennsylvania Parish by Veronica Nygaard at Crisis Magazine. "The key to saving a Catholic school is a pastor who is willing to sacrifice for Catholic education." Read


Catholic Education in Rural America with Shawn Peterson and Jill Annable on Forgotten America by Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy. "We don't look at Catholic schools as just, we're gonna get you to Harvard. Our first goal is to get your child to Heaven and give them a great education as well... Catholic schools prepare students to be good citizens because they're rooted in our God-given duty to love and serve our neighbors. They encourage academic excellence and professional development because they recognize our talents and abilities are gifts from God." Listen


Why do I Teach? by Regis Martin at Crisis Magazine. "We stand on the shoulders of giants, in other words, men and women whose wisdom we must not break faith with lest we be cast at once into a bloody ditch of ignorance. That, it seems to me, is the overarching point, and one which needs especially to be made these days when the Cancel Culture Crowd appears more and more to be running the show. We have simply got to combat the growing amnesia, the sheer forgetfulness of the past, lest it efface the entire historical memory." Read


Putting the Catholic Back in Catholic Schools with Thomas Carroll on Edify by CatholicVote. "What are Catholic schools to do now to thrive? The answer is not for Catholic schools to imitate public schools” but to “put the Catholic back in Catholic schools.” Watch

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