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Parent Interview

Brigid DeMoor

Brigid DeMoor has children at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School in Denver, Colorado

How long have you been at your school? What grades are your children in?

Our family has been at the school for three years now. Our oldest started in kindergarten at Lourdes South in the fall of 2018. Our oldest child, Joseph, is currently in second grade and our second oldest Seth is currently in first grade. Our other children are not yet school-aged.



How did you learn about your school?


I was friends with Rosemary as she began the process of starting this tremendous school. I also was working for Endow and our offices were housed at the Archdiocese. Often times I would work with the school principals. So I also of course heard a lot about the school through those professional contacts. Finally, my friends who were married with children we're all so excited and grateful to have their children attend the school.



Why is it worth paying tuition when public schools are free?


Oh boy. You get what you pay for, right :-) The high caliber of care each member of staff at OLOL takes to not only love and support my children but to form, inspire, and launch them is worth so much more than any amount of money could cover. From the curriculum down to the simplest scheduling detail each aspect is discerned and implemented in order to best serve my sons. I truly am so blown away by the treasure we have in this tremendous school! My husband and I both went to public school growing up. I believe there are good things in public schools. But, there is simply no comparison to the investment that the teachers and staff have in the formation of your child's body and soul in a school like Our Lady of Lourdes. It reminds me of babysitter versus a parent. A babysitter should meet the immediate needs of the children in their care for the hours they are hired. When they are finished they go home and probably never think about those children again. A parent takes on a life's work of slowly and consistently loving and forming an eternal soul. Obviously, the stakes are much higher. My husband and I feel Our Lady of Lourdes is a you liable and invested partner with us in our Vital mission of raising up Men of Integrity. It is no small thing we are asking Our Lady of Lourdes to embark with us on and certainly is worth every penny of tuition. We are playing the long game here.



What made you choose your school over other schools in your area?


It was a no-brainer. Our Lady of Lourdes classic curriculum and methods, radiantly and authentically Catholic and liturgical life, and the way they view the whole person in each level of formation was unparalleled by even the "best" Catholic schools. Another piece that really drew me in was that every single staff member was actively living a faithful Catholic life from rosemary down to the part-time janitor. That doesn't mean people won't fail but it does mean there will not be a teacher who is saying one thing in class and living a different life outside of class. Children and young people and I feel like any human is able to pick up on that lack of authenticity. Each staff member is convicted of the truth and gift of our Catholic faith. They each know and love Jesus in their professional AND personal life. They take time to pray and be with him outside of school. Each person we encounter through the school is convicted of the truth of our Catholic faith and it shows!



How would you describe your school to a parent who is considering applying?


This is the best school in the entire world.:)


Also, this school is not just an institution that will impact your child this school will be a living loving partner for you and your family as you continue to undertake the VITAL mission of raising up an eternal soul who is rooted in Jesus and who can seek, know, and embrace truth. 

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