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Parent Interview

Chris and Theresa George

Chris & Theresa George have a child at Martin Saints Classical High School in Oreland, Pennsylvania.

How long have you been at your school? What grades are your children in?


We have been at MSC for 3 years. Our daughter is in 11th grade.



How did you learn about your school?


We learned about the very beginnings of MSC through the headmaster at Regina Coeli Academy which is a classical Catholic elementary school. We were seeking a high school that would continue the classical education that was begun during our homeschool years. We were discerning about sending our daughter to Regina Coeli to continue her education but initially hesitated since there were no classical Catholic high schools in the area. After a period of correspondence, he informed us about some parents that were planning on starting a classical Catholic high school.



Why is it worth paying tuition when public schools are free?


There is no comparison between the private and public schools in our area. The importance of sending our child to a school that continues what we teach at home regarding our Catholic Faith is priceless. The investment is worth it since we know our daughter is in a school where the truth of the Catholic Faith is being taught in all its fullness, in every subject. It is an academically challenging school yet it also balances school work with time with family and outside activities. MSC teaches the truth. 

MSC does not shrink from the current cultural issues, but teaches as their motto states: what is true, good and beautiful. This consistent messaging gives us a complete feeling of peace when we hand our child over to a group of people that has  an influence on her 8 hours a day, 5 days a



What made you choose your school over other schools in your area?


We discovered the beauty of a classical education while we were homeschooling our daughter. After trying various methods of homeschooling, it wasn't until we started using a classical curriculum that we saw the benefits. Our daughter along with myself experienced a love of learning while using this type of curriculum. Our close relationships with the families that started MSC gave us an insight into "who" created this school. Knowing their strong faith and backgrounds made for a very easy decision. The opening of this school by these individuals was "heaven sent".


Our three oldest children attended regular Archdiocesan high schools. The teacher/student ratio was so large, that they did not receive the level of attention that our daughter receives. Many families in these schools were not living out their faith outside of school and this was reflected in the social behaviors and negative influences that sometimes occurred. This did not become obvious to us until we encountered MSC and saw for ourselves the differences in the community as well as the students.



How would you describe your school to a parent who is considering applying?


MSC is a small school in which the true, the good, and the beautiful is explored in every subject. It is authentically Catholic and the faculty and administration are completely dedicated to the education and the forming of the whole person: spirit, soul and body.



What are your thoughts on your school’s teachers? Your children’s peer group and other school families? Catholic identity? Culture? Curriculum?


The faculty is AMAZING! Every year when we attend the back to school night, we are in awe how blessed we are to have these teachers at MSC and working with our daughter. They are not only knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects they teach, but are attentive to each and every student as an individual. When my daughter receives her report card, each teacher takes the time to comment on strengths and weaknesses in a way that you can truly tell that they care about her. 


Although we dislike our tax dollars not following our choice in school for our children, we believe this extra expense has a tendency to bring to the school families that feel their child's education is not separate from faith. This is reflected in our child's peer groups which is a reflection of the

families of MSC. 

The Catholic identity is one of attaining knowledge through reason and faith. The culture of the school is definitely one of being fully Catholic, fully alive. The first week of school is a four day canoe trip for the entire school. They paddle for a while, stop and camp, have outdoor Mass all while learning about hard work, working together and enjoying nature. Every other week contains a Frassati Friday that encompasses the arts, time in nature, or a corporal work of mercy. 


What is the most important reason you stay at your school?


We see the difference every day. Our daughter is growing firm in her Catholic Faith, she talks about the teachers all the time, discusses literature and philosophy with us, and has formed good Christian friendships. She is becoming equipped to become a young adult entering the world.

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