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Parent Interview

Jasmine Lyle

Jasmine Lyle has children at Holy Child Catholic School in Tijeras, New Mexico

How long have you been at your school? What grades are your children in?

We have been at the school since 2011.  Our children are currently in 7th grade and Kindergarten. 



How did you learn about your school?

The school is in the parish we are attending. 



Why is it worth paying tuition when public schools are free?

There are so many reasons. Having been a product of public school in this state and then having left the state for higher education and work, the difference in preparation for higher education and the workplace is noticeably better at our school. The public schools are overcrowded and do not meet the needs of individuals both for kids who can excel and for kids who need extra help. Our extended family attends the best public schools in the area and our children are regularly reading and working on the same skills though their kids are two years ahead. It's really enlightening to see how the kids are so capable to do more than the public school standard, and not by the burden of excess work, but by recognizing and nurturing their innate ability to learn and absorb what is given.



What made you choose your school over other schools in your area?

The environment of a smaller classroom, the classical education, and the integrated faith are key to our choice of Holy Child. 



How would you describe your school to a parent who is considering applying?

A small school that really focuses on the child's development not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. It is a school that has the benefit of the classical curriculum and is rooted in our Catholicism in a vibrant and dynamic way while maintaining our deep traditions.  


What are your thoughts on your school’s teachers? Your children’s peer group and other school families? Catholic identity? Culture? Curriculum?


The culture at the school is unpretentious and has a more family community atmosphere due to the small size. The children there are cared for as individuals by the teachers and staff, who put their whole heart into their teaching, but the other kids in general also really have a heart towards trying to be good to each other and the families strive to live the faith and form their kids. The identity is authentically Catholic in the vision of Ignatius but also in the spirit of the "springtime of evangelization" that SJPII promulgated. The curriculum is amazing! We are so grateful for it as it truly forms the kids for the good, true, and the beautiful. It is educating their minds and hopefully touching their hearts and helping them be able to apprehend truth and bring it into themselves.



What is the most important reason you stay at your school?

The school is striving to be what a Catholic school really ought to be. We love the curriculum, the faith formation, the small size, the rural atmosphere, the lack of pretentiousness, the teachers, and the family atmosphere. We've been there 10 years and have another 12 years to go considering our youngest children are only 18 months.  We don't have any intention of going elsewhere and plan to help build the school and support it so that it can thrive. We thank God for this gift of our school and the people who make it happen. 

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