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Grandparent Interview

Rosanne Nazier

Rosanne Nazier has a grandchild at St. Mary's Catholic School in Taylor, Texas.

How long have you been at your school? What grades are your children in?


My grandson has been at St. Mary's since 2013 when he entered the Pre-Kindergarten program. At that time, there was no PK3.



How did you learn about your school?

I always knew about the school because I, myself, taught in a Catholic school. I knew this was the closest school to where I lived.


Why is it worth paying tuition when public schools are free?

It is worth paying tuition because there is no amount of money one could put on passing on our Catholic values and beliefs to the next generation.


What made you choose your school over other schools in your area?

I chose St. Mary's because it was the closest Catholic School to my home. The communities were very similar.


How would you describe your school to a parent who is considering applying?


St. Mary's is a family! Our leadership is second to none. Both our pastor and principal are strong supporters of Catholic education. It is filled with caring teachers and staff. It is small enough for individual attention and yet large enough to challenge our students. It is based on our Catholic principles and helps to guide our children in a society that challenges so many things. It gives our students a strong core set of values and teaches them their faith, strong academics, as well as giving back to others through service projects.



What are your thoughts on your school’s teachers? Your children’s peer group and other school families? Catholic identity? Culture? Curriculum? 

St. Mary's has wonderful, caring teachers who truly want the best for our children. They go over and above to meet the needs of each student. We are Catholic, but we open our doors to all faith communities. We pass on many traditions that have been created over the 124 years that our school existed. The traditions are balanced with a strong Classical curriculum that equips our students for their future in the world today. Peer groups are formed from early on and strong friendships are developed over the years. Our school families become connected and continue friendships beyond school activities as well. 


What is the most important reason you stay at your school?

We stay at the school because of our strong Catholic faith. It is the most important part of their education. Living as Christ wants us to live and building strong, faithful students who can make a difference in the world today.

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